Managing Health & Fitness as a Single, Working Mom

By Jess Carr, Director of MarketingThe MINT Prjct Before I got divorced in 2018, I had been in a pretty solid routine. My daughter was 4. We went to a gym that had childcare 5x/week, I had time to meal prep healthy meals, get in my steps, etc. That all kind of blew up in […]

Should I Track Macros During Pregnancy? Tips From a Mom Nutrition Coach

Guest PostBy Ali Macy, Director of Marketing & WAG CoachWorking Against Gravity More than almost any other time in life, pregnancy offers the unique opportunity to listen to your body, cultivate trust with your hunger cues, and tune into what feels right for you. Pregnancy also requires a lot of your body, and the foods […]

Managing Postpartum Body Image

Guest PostBy Jess Durando, Clinical Therapist & OwnerMama Method Wellness Postpartum is often perceived by many to be one of the most beautiful times of life. The image we see on social media is that of a mother who has just delivered her baby, and is basking in the glow of her newborn. Her makeup […]

Finding Time to Workout When You Have Little Kids

by Jess Carr A mom recently asked in our Facebook Group, “what are your “hacks” for getting in workouts when you have little kids?”. You may think I gave her some tips like “block your calendar”, “get up early”, “prioritize your time better”. Those are all definitely things we can think about, but as a […]

Holiday Gift Guide for Moms

‘Tis the season for gifting, and if you’ve got a special Mom on your list, we got you! Sticking with the theme of our 3 guiding principles, we’re going to bring you gift ideas from 3 categories: Movement, Mindset, & Nutrition. Give the gift of health this year! Movement Okay, you know we have to […]

What is a Doula? Understanding the Doula’s Role in Pregnancy & Childbirth

What is a Doula and should you have one involved in your birth? On a recent podcast episode, we chatted with Trisha Baird, a remarkable doula and childbirth educator who’s transforming the birth experience in Southern Utah. Trisha illuminated the crucial role a doula plays during childbirth, often serving as an unbiased, nurturing, and knowledgeable […]

Managing Mom Guilt

In this post, we explore strategies for managing mom guilt, so that you can help yourself be more present and live with less guilt.

What Does It Mean to be Mom Strong?

As moms and women in general it is so important to be physically strong.  There are so many reasons to work on physical strength including; increased capability, bone, joint and muscular health, mental fortitude, maintaining independence while aging, decreased risk of falls, feeling and looking good and of course-an increased capacity to keep up with and care for our children.

Ode to Zoloft

by Betsy Jones My baby boy was 4 months old (after being born 6 weeks early and a scary NICU stay that made us unexpectedly freaked out about “germs”) when the COVID shut down happened.  We’d already had a very rocky start, which you can hear about on the podcast. We were just starting to […]