Director of Education

Cara Forrester

Cara is mama to a 3 year old daughter and an 18 month old son.  She and her husband Ray bought their gym, Fundamental Fitness and Performance HQ in 2018 when their daughter was born.  They wanted a place where they could use their skills and passions to change lives while keeping their kids close.  Bringing their kids to work at the gym with them is a blessing and a challenge, but they love that their kids get to grow up in an environment where they can watch their parents and others work hard to achieve their goals!

She has a Master’s degree in Sports Conditioning and Performance, a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Wellness, holds a CF-L1 certificate and is an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist. She also has her Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach certification and is an Active Life Rx Immersion & Pro Path grad.  

“While I was pregnant with my first baby I realized I had no idea how to train myself through pregnancy or the postpartum period.  With all the education I had received prior to my Master’s degree or Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach certification, not one of my certifications or degrees gave me any idea or even mentioned how to work with this population.  I attended a seminar where I decided pregnant and postpartum women needed coaches who were confident, professional and knowledgeable about that specific time period and that I was going to become one of those coaches.  I dedicated my Master’s thesis work to studying postpartum return to physical activity and got my Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism certification, using what I learned to train myself and other mommas.”     

Cara Forrester, Director of Education

Jess Carr, Director of Marketing & P&PP Nutrition Educator

Director of Marketing & P&PP Nutrition Educator

JEss Carr

Jess graduated from college with a Bachelors of Business Administration, majoring in Marketing. Needless to say, her career path has changed over the years. She became a Certified Personal Trainer and opened her gym in 2018 after 11 years in Corporate Marketing. She knew she wanted to run her own business using the skills I had learned in school and her career plus one that she was passionate about and that would help people – that was a gym 🙂 Since, she’s gotten certified through Active Life Rx, become a Certified Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach and is currently working toward her Precision Nutrition L1 Certification.

“I had my daughter in 2014 and it sparked a whole new reason for staying healthy. From the time she was little, she tagged along to the gym with me and has grown up knowing the importance of staying active. Being able to keep up with her and set a good example for her is extremely important to me.

The MINT Prjct is so important to me because I didn’t have this information when I was navigating working out through my pregnancy and postpartum. This information isn’t taught in the pregnancy books or at our doctor’s visits and I’m so excited to help women navigate their fitness journey through pregnancy and postpartum. “

Director of Operations


Betsy started  as a trainer in 2013, eventually obtaining her CrossFit L1, L2 and Kids certification, later working for Airrosti as a Certified Recovery Specialist. She has owned a gym, Swink Athletics in Texas, for almost 10 years with her husband André and together they became an Active Life Professional Pro Path gym. 

“In 2019, I had my first child.  I didn’t expect the mindset shift that came along with that and after having my son Crú, felt confused on how to move on from the “influencers” advice I found online. With a unique point of view during an active pregnancy as a practicing trainer and history with Airrosti, I discovered a strong interest in helping other women navigate the niche fitness experience. I then met Jess & Cara through the Active Life Pro Path mentorship program. After many conversations about the hole in education for trainers on this subject, I decided to rally the troops and create a solution.  I wished she had their brains and more than that, that all gyms were able to help women the same way that they were. This is where The MINT Prjct was born.

I aim to create an industry where every gym has a MINT trainer. No woman should feel lost or alone, trying to stay fit and healthy during their pregnancy. They should have guidance from an educated trainer vs. just guessing on how to interpret their doctors’ extreme and generalized words of caution.  Postpartum should not carry any expectation or pressure, and it’s the job of the trainers to educate them on that. 

Betsy Jones, Director of Operations