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fitness program for busy moms!

*Quick note: If you’re pregnant or early postpartum, head up to the “programs” tab to check out specific programs designed for those chapters!

Designed with the busy mom in mind, we’ve developed a program that you can follow at home or at the gym after you progress back to your fitness routine postpartum! We created this functional fitness style program for the mama who wants to move, get strong, and do it all during nap time!

With options for cutting down on time, doing your workouts at home, and an awesome group of coaches, you’ll have everything you need to get results!

If you like lifting weights and a bit of cardio (think metcons), or maybe you’ve done CrossFit or functional fitness and are looking for a new program to follow to get real results, this is for you!

We prioritize longevity in our training so you can get strong and stay strong!

 It’s time to get MOM Strong 🙂

it's time to get mom strong

MomStrong Fitness Program

what to expect

Full Body Strength Training for Busy Moms
Moms are BUSY and time is valuable, so efficiency is key! That’s why your entire workout can be done in 45 minutes, so you can squeeze it in during a nap or short activity to keep the kids busy. We also give options to cut it down to 20 minutes on days when you need a quick workout!

Whether you enjoy going to a gym, or want to get it done at home, we have an option for you!

With 4 days of lifting and conditioning/metcons plus a recommended mobility day, you’ll have everything you need to look and feel your best!

All of the workouts come programmed in an app for easy access on the go! You’ll also get access to our MINT Mamas Facebook group where you can ask questions and share wins!


More About the Program

Who is this for?

This program is for moms who feel fully recovered postpartum and are looking for a fitness program to follow that will prioritize strength, longevity, and help you look good too 😉 You’ll like this program if you enjoy:

  1. Lifting weights / Strength training
  2. Functional fitness / CrossFit
  3. Functional bodybuilding
  4. Looking and feeling amazing 💪


Pregnant or early postpartum?

Check out our Pregnancy & Postpartum Programs!

Our Programs

The MINT Difference

As moms, gym owners and Trainers ourselves, we’ve not only experienced the challenges of working out with the busy life of a mom, but we’ve helped a lot of other moms navigate the journey as well. This program will help you:


Stay Accountable

Join the amazing MINT community, where you'll have access not only to our highly experienced coaches, but to other like-minded moms!

Get strong

This program progresses you through the most effective strength training movements so that you can build muscle, get strong, and support your active life all in 45 minutes.

Prioritize Longevity

Stay active for life! We've built this program to help you build and maintain strength, support your mobility and flexibility, and help support you in the things you love to do outside of the gym as well.

feel amazing

This program will not only help you look amazing, it will also help you feel your best and keep up with those active kiddos, not to mention set an awesome example!

trimester 3

continue your journey


Workouts from the beginning to end of Trimester 3.

trimester 2

start your journey


Workouts from the beginning to end of the Trimester 2.

In the gym or at home, let’s get Mom Strong!

Pregnant or Early Postpartum? Check out our Pregnancy Fitness Program or our 6 Phase Postpartum Return to Exercise Program first!

Hannah B

LOVED the Mom Strong program. I used it throughout my 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy and thought it was the perfect balance between staying fit and toning down my workouts to keep my body and baby safe. I loved the exercises and overall organization of the work outs. It made it so easy and stress free. I definitely plan to continue with the postpartum programming. I can’t recommend it enough!

Becky L

"When I go to the gym, the last thing I wanted to do was think about pregnancy safe modifications for my workouts. Last pregnancy I would often skip movements because I didn’t feel like finding the correct modifications. I honestly can say I am working out more this pregnancy and feeling great!"

Cassie L

A great program for moms and soon to be moms that helped me keep moving during pregnancy and helped me feel confident in the movements!

Madison I.

I have nothing but great things to say about Cara and the work she does as a personal trainer! After having my daughter, I decided to complete her 6-phase postpartum program. During the 6 phases, she paid close attention to what my body needed/could do and took the time to make the necessary adjustments to my training. Since completing the program, Cara has helped me gain my strength back and has also helped significantly decrease my lower back pain. Cara is an amazing trainer and I am excited to continue my fitness journey with her!

The MINT Prjct - Pregnancy & Postpartum Fitness, Nutrition

Our Story

The MINT Prjct

We are fellow moms, gym owners, and trainers who are on a mission to close the gap between healthcare and fitness that causes unnecessary confusion for pregnant and postpartum women in fitness.

Our mission is to elevate trainers into professionals who specialize in supporting and guiding pregnant and postpartum women to heal, grow and be the happiest version of themselves. Our program provides an interactive educational experience with ongoing support. We bridge the gap between healthcare & fitness making exercise for pregnant and postpartum women safe, effective and attainable.

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