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Online Seminar

For trainers & Mamas!

Next seminar is March 23rd 12:00pm EST - 1:30pm est

This seminar sets the foundation for Trainers who want to work toward becoming experts in the Pregnancy & Postpartum fitness space as well as for Moms who are pregnant, postpartum, or planning on getting pregnant to learn valuable tools for training in their pregnancy.

Led by MINT experts, this seminar will teach you the tools you need to understand pregnancy & postpartum fitness considerations. You’ll learn:

Sound familiar?

You’re newly pregnant and walk into a class at your gym. You look at the workout on the board and wonder if it’s okay to be doing everything as written. You’ve heard a few things about heart rate or core work, but you’re not really sure if you should be lifting the weights they grabbed or doing pull-ups. And the coach isn’t sure either.

Then you and the coach should be at this seminar!

This seminar will also give you the foundational knowledge and strategies to ease back into fitness after pregnancy.

Clients want to exercise safely & effectively through their pregnancy & postpartum chapters. And they need Trainers like YOU to help them bridge the gap between what they’ve heard from their doctors and messages they may have heard in the gym.


The mint prjct?

There’s a lot of information out there. We started The MINT Prjct because we saw a need for more cohesive, easy-to follow educational resources with access to live experts and mentors who can help you develop the skills you need to succeed as a Trainer or Mom who is navigating pregnancy & postpartum fitness.



Movement and breathing strategies along with an awareness of anatomical and physiological changes is key in training the pregnant or postpartum woman.

Proper nutrition is key in nourishing our bodies, hormonal health and fertility. The goal is to balance getting enough nutrients to support the growth of the baby and maintaining a healthy weight. Postpartum nourishment is key in breastmilk supply, energy & healing.

When working with pregnant and postpartum clients, the most important thing they will modify is their mindset. Through every stage, it is our job to help guide our clients through the mental challenges of their journey. We help them do this by supporting them with encouragement, empathy, educational-based support, and grace.


The MINT Trainer's Journey

The Seminar is a great start if you’re looking to learn more about training pregnant and postpartum women and a good stepping stone to our more in depth, 12-week Trainer’s course where you’ll gain the expertise to be a professional in the pregnant and postpartum fitness space. It is not a prerequisite to take the Seminar before the 12-week course. 


Start with a foundation of our online seminar to learn the tools you need to get started working with pregnant & postpartum clients.

Trainer Course

Ready to level up? Elevate yourself as a professional in the pregnancy & postpartum fitness space by going through our live, 12-week course.


Gain real world experience with clients and collaborate with other Trainers throughout the MINT Trainer course and after course completion.


You'll be a part of The MINT Prjct's map of Trainers and have access to our Facebook group from ongoing support, forever!


about your educators

Gym owners. Trainers. Moms. Together, Jess, Cara & Betsy have nearly 20 years of experience in Training, Business, Nutrition and developing the skills you need to succeed as a Fitness Professional.