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Managing Health & Fitness as a Single, Working Mom

By Jess Carr, Director of Marketing
The MINT Prjct

Before I got divorced in 2018, I had been in a pretty solid routine. My daughter was 4. We went to a gym that had childcare 5x/week, I had time to meal prep healthy meals, get in my steps, etc.

That all kind of blew up in my face when I found myself going back to work as a single mom who now had her 5 to 6 days a week on my own. Managing my workouts, work, her schedule and activities and having any sort of social life became…let’s just say, overwhelming. I was in a constant state of stress, trying to prioritize my time while taking care of both of us.

As the years have passed, I’ve slowly but surely built up some processes that have helped me navigate being a single mom who is still able to prioritize my health and fitness. And so if you’re struggling with this, know that there is hope. You just have to be a bit more creative, and often a bit more decisive with what fills your time.

Now that my daughter is in school and I work from home, I can sometimes fit in a lunchtime workout, but one thing I know is that things get in the way the longer I wait to workout. Meetings pop up, my energy starts fading, and I’m a lot more likely to skip it.

If working out is the first thing I do in the morning before anyone can bother me or give me another task, I’m a lot more consistent. I also don’t have to think about it the rest of the day and can focus on my other tasks at work and home.

If you’re able to sneak it in at lunch or go to a gym after work, and that is working, I would never tell you to stop doing that! But if you’re finding that it’s not super consistent and you’re missing more than you’re making, try starting your day a little earlier. The first week will suck, but once it becomes routine, you’ll feel awesome. I promise 🙂

Tip #2: Don’t feel guilty about working out with your kids around

I hear a lot of moms say that they feel like they should be playing with their kids instead of workout out when they are home.

Listen, Mama. A mom who has her needs taken care of is going to be way better equipped to take care of and play with her kiddos. I know that when I get my workout in, I have a lot more patience with my daughter. And she’s had a lot of fun over the years coming with me to the gym. Bonus: kids with active mothers are more likely to be active themselves! So go ahead and get it in!

Tip #3: Ask for help

This has always been a hard one for me. I like to be independent. I like to know that I can take care of myself. But nothing good comes of that if I’m drowning in all of my tasks and can’t even fit in a walk.

As a single mom, a lot falls on you. And by the end of the day it can feel lonely and exhausting.

You can be a badass, independent woman while also asking for a hand from time to time. Whether that’s finding a gym with childcare or asking a friend/family member to watch the kids here and there, making sure you fill your cup is important.

With limited time, trying to prep gourmet pinterest / instagram meals or make up your own workouts on the daily is a recipe for burnout.

  • Find simple recipes with minimal ingredients (these will be healthier anyways!) Think crockpot or one pan meals. I like to throw a bunch of chicken in my instapot with a jar of salsa, shred it up and use it throughout the week for tacos, bowls, wraps, etc.
  • Follow a workout program – whether you’re working out from home or the gym, efficiency is key. If you get there without a plan, half your workout time could be taken up by figuring out what to do.

You can try our MomStrong Full Body Fitness Program FREE for 7 days here!

Don’t forget that taking care of your mental and emotional health is just as important as the physical. Make time to decompress when possible, visit with friends, take a bath, etc. You got this Mama!

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