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The MINT Prjct Story

The MINT Project started in 2021, with Betsy. She was about 1 1/2 years postpartum when she stared experiencing DR symptoms. Thanks to her Active Life Pro Path gym community, she was introduced to Cara as a resource. Through working with Cara she started to see how big the need for more trainers like her was in her own gym. Professional knowledge and experience in the space is hard to find, and information on the topic can be confusing and contradictory. After finally meeting Jess & Cara in person at their first ALP live event and some inspiring conversations, Betsy reached out about creating something bigger.
The education options at the time lacked an accountability and personability factor. There was something powerful about learning along with others and having a live instructor and it was clear that this format should be applied in order to create amazing Pregnancy & Postpartum trainers. The girls hit it off immediately, balancing each other’s strengths as a seamless team driven for change & success.