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How to Make Your Workouts More Efficient as a Busy Parent

Getting a workout in can be challenging enough as a busy parent. Most of us don’t have 2 hours to spend at the gym on a regular basis. We’ve learned a few key ways to make our workouts more efficient and focus on what will get you the results in less time.

      1. Focus on Compound Lifts
        If you want to get the most bang for your buck and are short on time, build your workouts around the main “big lifts”. These lifts recruit several muscle groups in one exercise, so they’re more efficient and will help you build strength in less time.

        These include: Squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press, pull-ups, and rows.
        Some other great movements to include: lunges or split squats and other unilateral (or single arm/single leg) versions of the above.


        2. Keep it Simple
        Like the above, you don’t need to do a million exercises that you’ve seen on instagram. There’s a time and place to be creative and add bands or different setups, but the time is not when you only have 25 minutes as a busy parent. Focus on the movements and workout styles that will get the most done in the time you have. Think: quick setup, familiar & challenging movements.

        Choose a few key movements, try to get stronger each week, and mix up your reps.

        3. Stay Off Your Phone

        This is YOUR time.

        You’ll be more likely to get a good and efficient workout in if you stay focused on the workout instead of wasting 6 minutes on IG reels (guilty) or responding to text messages, unless it’s an emergency of course.

        Focus for your workout time, the rest can wait until you’re done 🙂


    Prioritizing the time for you to move your body as a busy parent is so important. It can be challenging, and that’s why we created a program for busy moms called MomStrong by MINT Strength & Conditioning that helps you focus for 45 minutes and get it done! 
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