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Pregnancy Nutrition

a guide to help you feel your best through each trimester

Nutrition is one of our guiding principles. Proper nutrition is key in nourishing our bodies, hormonal health and fertility as well as providing nutrients for you and your growing baby 🙂

Like anything, you likely have a lot of questions about what and how much to eat, what to avoid, and what you can do to optimize your nutrition through each trimester.

This easy to read guide will give you the tools to help you fuel your body, maintain a healthy weight, and develop habits to keep you feeling your best!

pregnancy nutrition ebook

Pregnancy Nutrition

What's Inside?

Nutrition can be confusing. This E-book breaks down Pregnancy Nutrition into simple, easy to consume information that you can easily apply.

You’ll learn:

  • The basics of macro and micronutrients and why they’re important in pregnancy
  • Nutrition guidelines by trimester
  • Foods to avoid
  • Goal planning worksheets
  • And much more!

Working with Jess on nutrition made it easy. Simplified it. I was no longer on a “diet”, but eating to fuel my workouts and get the best results possible for the work I was putting in. Jess is so easy to work with and really helped change my outlook with my eating habits. I’m not perfect and continue to work on nutrition. Thankfully to Jess, I have a good nutrition base and get back on track so much easier than I ever have in my life!


Nutrition coaching with Jess changed my life! I have always hit the gym, honestly I LOVE working out and how it makes me feel, but my body changed when I finally paired my workouts with nutrition. I was in a place where I felt stuck, and focusing on my nutrition pulled me out of it. My body fat went down and I felt more in control. I finally know what my body needs to change and knowing that is powerful. I feel more in control than I have ever felt in my life.


You truly get out what you put in! Jess’s nutritional program was just what I needed to put my fitness journey on the right path. After purchasing the program my nutrition has never been better. Jess gave me the tools to be successful and to reach the goals I was striving towards. Once I got my tools for success and created that perfect balance I started to see results in just two weeks! This program has truly changed my eating habits for the better indefinitely ❤️💪🏽

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Our Story

The MINT Prjct

We are fellow moms, gym owners, and trainers who are on a mission to close the gap between healthcare and fitness that causes unnecessary confusion for pregnant and postpartum women in fitness.

Our mission is to elevate trainers into professionals who specialize in supporting and guiding pregnant and postpartum women to heal, grow and be the happiest version of themselves. Our program provides an interactive educational experience with ongoing support. We bridge the gap between healthcare & fitness making exercise for pregnant and postpartum women safe, effective and attainable.

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